Krigas ente! Don't war!



Calling artists, illustrators, doodlers, drawers, collagers, photographers etc. for participation in a fanzine on the theme for peace. The name of the fanzine is "" which means "Don't war" in Swedish but also is the URL to this page. Urgent action short deadline: 7 Mars 2022.


The fanzine will be riso-print in NEON PINK on PISTAGE (A5, PORTRAIT). Send in black/white or grayscale images. The black will be neon pink when printing. White e.g. paper will be pistage-colored.
Send your images (PDF or JPG in monochrome b/w or grayscale only) by e-mail to: maggan [ääää] (replace the äää with @) Maximum size 2 mb.


Also include this information in the e-mail:


Any earnings go to support Ukrainian refugees. All accounting will be presented on this site.